Do You Want to Protect Your Plant City Home’s Roof, Foundation, Siding, Basement, and Landscaping From the Damage Caused By Clogged Gutters?


If you are, then you’re in luck because Champion Gutter Guard, makers of the most effective gutter guard system, is now offering factory direct sales, installation, and ongoing customer service in your area…


In addition, Champion will beat any offer from one of the national leaf filter companies by at least 50%,
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Introducing Champion Gutter Guard

Our micro mesh stainless steel gutter covers are intelligently designed and will withstand the harshest weather conditions. The guards are combined with a 1 piece aluminum frame and attach to either new or existing gutters without ever making contact with your roof, which is important because it avoids any possibility that your roof’s warranty will be voided due to damage caused by our product.

When properly installed, our gutter protection technology will make cleaning your gutters unnecessary, and they will permanently protect your home against costly water damage.

As a matter of fact, we are so confident in the effectiveness of out gutter guards that we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee that they will keep your gutter completely free of debris, period!


The Importance of Having Gutter Covers

Over time an unprotected gutter will fill with leaves, dirt and various other types of debris which, if left uncleaned, will create clogs and water overflow. Eventually, this will result in very costly repairs to your home’s foundation, siding, basement, and landscaping.

Champion Gutter Guard’s system has been designed to keep your gutter clean and protected from all unwanted debris. The best part is that once these gutter covers are properly installed by one of our trained technicians they require very little, if any, maintenance and can handle the heavy rainfalls, like those in Plant City, FL


Our Money Back Lifetime Guarantee

Our commitment to your satisfaction drives our business. We sincerely want you to be happy with how our gutter guards perform. Therefore, if for some reason our gutter guards are not working as promised, we will refund the entire purchase price, and we’ll also fix the situation at no added cost to you.



Things to Know About Plant City, FL

Named after the famous railroad developer, Henry B. Plant, Plant City in Florida is the world’s Winter Strawberry Capital. It falls just between Lakeland and Tampa and is popular for its annual Florida Strawberry Festival.

As per the census of 2010, there are approximately 34,721 people living in this small town. It has nearly 12,000 households with more than 8,000 families. The population density of Plant City is 1323.4 people per square mile. The town is a cluster of many races, such as Native American, Hispanic or Latino, White, African American, Pacific Islander, and Asian.

The Plant City Airport is just 2 miles southwest from the central business district. You can take the rail or get on a cab to reach your nearest location. Some of the major highways that you may take to travel around the town and its outskirts are Interstate 4, State Road 39, U.S. Route 92, State Road 39A, State Road 553, State Road 566, and State Road 574.

Things to do in Plant City

Plant City has tons of tourist attractions that you need to visit during your vacation in this town. Start with Dinosaur World. This 20-acre area has gigantic, life-sized dinosaurs. The animatronics will blow your mind away. It’s as if they are for real. Your kids will enjoy to their fullest when they visit Dinosaur World.

Next, you should drop to Two Henrys Brewing Company to taste some fruit ciders. They also offer seasonal tap beers and hard ciders. Their signature craft beers are also available for sale. You can pick up a few bottles for your journey to the next destination.

Lastly, you should spend an afternoon at the Edward Medard Regional Park. This park, with its thousands of trees, helped to stop a flood in 1969. From then on, it has become a popular destination for tourists.

Plant City, FL is an ideal destination for a short vacation with your family. Apart from the above destinations, you shouldn’t forget to try the local restaurants.

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